Meet Our Editorial Board Members

Our (Editorial) Advisory Board, is a team of experts in the Human and Social Sciences fields.

Prof. Dr. Hussain A. M. Daoud

Editor Director

Prof. Dr. Sahib J. A. Al-Bayati


Prof. Dr. Amir T. Atto


Prof. Dr. Riyadh Shaker Naom


Editorial Director: Hussain A. M. Daoud, PhD, Professor in Zoology-Iraq.
Editor-in-Chief: Sahib J. A. Al-Bayati, PhD, Professor in Physiology-Iraq.

Associate Editors:

  1. Amir T. Atto, PhD, Professor in Chemistry-USA.
  2. Riyadh Shaker Naom, PhD, Professor in Mathematics-USA.
  3. Farhan T. Muhasin, PhD, Professor in Parasitology-Sweden.
  4. Khudir Al-Janabi, PhD, Professor in Soil Science-Iraq.

Editorial Board:

  1. Abdulraheem Al-Shemari, PhD, Professor in Mathematics-Iraq.
  2. Sabri I. Haar, PhD, Professor in Physics-Iraq.
  3. Abdulbasit O. Al-Imam, PhD, Professor in Agriculture-Oman.
  4. Abdulmajjed Salih, PhD, Professor in Organic Chemistry-Iraq.
  5. Yahya D. Al-Mishadany, PhD, Professor in Botany-Iraq.
  6. Alaeldin S. S. Ewase, PhD, Professor in Botany-Egypt.
  7. Nahla A. Al-Bakri, PhD, Professor in Embryology-Iraq.
  8. Widad Faisal, PhD, Professor in Physics-Yemen.
  9. Abudulmonem Hamad Majeed, PhD, Professor in Biochemistry-Iraq.
  10. Balsam Qubaus, PhD, Assistant Professor in Parasitology-Sharja.

Consultant Editorial Board:

  1. Sabar Al-Kaisi, PhD, Professor in Geology-Iraq.
  2. Mohammed Amin A. Al-Adhami, PhD, Professor in Embryology-Canada.
  3. Feryal Al-Azawi, PhD, Professor in Nutrition-Iraq.
  4. Talaat M. M. El-Sheikh, PhD, Professor of Poultry production-Egypt.
  5. Burhan, M. M. Al-Dulaimi, PhD, Professor in Entomology-Iraq.
  6. Shaker Mahdi, PhD, Professor in Plant Physiology-Iraq.
  7. Hassan T. Zanzal, PhD, Professor in Agricultural Economics-Iraq.
  8. Basima Ahemd, PhD, Professor in Microbiology-Iraq.
  9. Khalil Bander, PhD, Professor in Plant Mycology-Iraq.

Reviewer Board:

  1. Amani M. Jasim, PhD, Assistant Professor in Parasitology-Iraq.
  2. Essa Ibrahim, PhD, Assistant Professor in Computer Science-Iraq.
  3. Fatima A. Ali, PhD, Assistant Professor in Microbiology-Iraq.
  4. Hala Mohammad, PhD, Assistant Professor in Virology-Iraq.
  5. Handy, Abdulsahib, PhD, Assistant Professor in Molecular Biology-Iraq.
  6. Baida Hussein, PhD, Assistant Professor in Histology-Iraq.
  7. Iman, S. Al-Jumaily, PhD, Assistant Professor in Anatomy-Iraq.
  8. Genan A. A. Al-Bairuty, PhD, Assistant Professor in Histopathology-Iraq.
  9. Fatin Noori, PhD, Assistant Professor in Mycology-Iraq.
  10. Estabraq A. Mahmoud, MSc, Assistant Professor in Biology-Iraq.